New vital energy can be produced from the biogas from landfill or organic municipal waste

Cogeneration plants can be powered by biogas produced from facilities using organic municipal waste or waste from landfill, i.e. produced from the anaerobic decomposition of the organic part of solid urban, commercial and industrial waste.

The biogas from plants using organic waste from municipal sources or landfill, collected in controlled conditions and extracted using a blower, is conveyed to a cogeneration plant that therefore becomes a renewable source, which can be used for the production of new electrical and thermal energy.

There are thousands of landfill sites and organic waste plants that collect biogas, which is a precious renewable source of energy: the methods obviously vary depending on a number of factors, including the site structure and management, and the composition, compactness and humidity of the waste.


  • Electricity to put on the grid
  • Hot water for the sludge in digesters, and for heating the plant buildings and operators


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