06 Oktober 2016


19 Dezember 2016 - 20 Dezember 2016, BIOGAS16, Graz, Austria

This year the Compost and Biogas Consortium is once again organising the popular get-together for Austria’s biogas sector. In the framework of klimaaktiv, the climate protection initiative of the Austrian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, the Environment and Water Management. AB have the opportunity to meet people from Austria’s biogas industry at this year’s event. In the session of December 19th (13:00) Thomas Hechenbichler will talk about flexible production of power by AB Energy’s Ecomax CHP product in the biogas sector.

It will deal with the latest challenges and key issues:

  • Improving the efficiency of biogas plants
  • Efficient heat utilisation
  • Cascading use of raw materials
  • Biogenic waste
  • Flexible operation and control reserve
  • Biomethane as a fuel
  • Biomethane in trade and industry
  • Use of fermentation product
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